The Domaine Françoise et Denis CLAIR was created in 1986, at first it was only stretching over five hectares of Pinot Noir in the district of Santenay (those parcels belonged to the Clair family, wine growers since many generations).

As years passed the Domaine expanded, (buying and renting parcels of Chardonnay) mainly in Saint-Aubin, where Françoise was born and where the winery is located.

Today the cultivated surface is fifteen hectares wide (65% red and 35% white) ; since 2000, the son Jean-Baptiste works in the vineyard and together they have created a small trading structure in order to expand even more their produced wines range.

Almost all of the production is converted into wine and bottled. Roughly 75 000 bottles are produced each year. Export represents 75% of sales; Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium are the most important markets. After these countries come the U.S.A, United Kingdom and Australia. The rest is sold to private individuals, restaurant owners and cellarmen in France.

Each and every year the vineyards seeks to improve it's wines' quality and is mentionned in specialised guides on a regular basis( Bettane and Desseauve, French wines review, Hachette Guide of wines, Bourgogne Aujourd'hui ...)